Light Attire

Oil on linen  30 x 40 cm  11.75  x 15.75 ins

This model has a true Engish rose complexion and her hair is well over four feet long!

The painting took about ten hours altogether, painted earlier this year in four sessions over about a month. The first day I made some sketches and began with an umber wash-in. A week later I added white to the umber paint to make three monochrome tones – a dark, a middle and a light – and began to model the figure with these flat opaque values. No colour was added until the third session and in the fourth week I made a few final adjustments.

It was good to have time to stop and consider between the sessions, and I’m very pleased with the way this painting turned out, in particular the loose illusion of realism and the feeling of light splashing onto the figure from above.

About xdbx

Life drawing, painting and exploring direct path nonduality
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1 Response to Light Attire

  1. beautiful! Has such a warming glow.

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