Oil on canvas   9 x 12 ins  22.5 x 30 cm

As well as life drawing I’ve been doing some figure painting and I plan to post some of them here so I can see more objectively what progress I’m making.

This one is probably my first ‘finished’ oil painting of a nude figure and is at least a year old, maybe two! It’s not as loose as I wanted but I was pleased with the mood and composition. And it was a pretty good likeness.

I’ve been experiencing the magic of placing paint on a 2-D surface to create the sense of a 3-D figure and am increasingly curious about figurative painting and how to develop skills in this area.

About xdbx

Life drawing, painting and exploring direct path nonduality
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3 Responses to Pensive

  1. Emma George says:

    just lovely Dee, good to see a painting as well as the drawings. I love the subtle tone and colours here xx

  2. xdbx says:

    Thanks Emma
    Those neutrals still do it for me too!

  3. Crispin Gair says:

    more please…

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